Our aim is to create an on-going docu-series chronicling an unfiltered glimpse behind-the-scenes of an iconic group of North American comedy clubs with a cantankerous and charismatic club owner on an unrelenting quest to rise to the pinnacle of the comedy world and become a comedy icon.  
With the Covid-19 Pandemic hammering the comedy industry, comedy club owner Rick Bronson must rely on all his moxie and guile to keep his business going.  And while the former comic is always zinging 1-liners, to him comedy is more than a laughing matter.  For this obsessive club owner, comedy is an "essential service."

“There is no denying the medical benefits of laughter. It reduces stress, speeds up recovery, increases white-cell counts and other things. It’s human nature to congregate. We are pack animals. We survive and thrive because of our communal objectives. A shared experience like laughter reminds us that we are all in this together. It reminds us that we are not alone. For many, going to see comedy and getting their laugh on is therapy.”
With consent to film at Bronson's preeminent comedy clubs in Phoenix, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Edmonton, we will have admission to the comedians’ on-stage acts as well as access to intimate back-stage moments with the world’s top headliners and emerging comic talent.  The Clubs have featured the likes of Norm Macdonald, Bert Kreisher,  Ali Wong, Russel Peters, Iliza Shlesinger, Anthony Jeselnik, Brent Morin, Hannibal Buress, Theo Von, Michael Che, Jo Koy, Ari Shaffir, Marlon Wayans, Moshe Kasher, Justin Wilman, Gilbert Gottfried, Marc Maron, Tom Green, Charoline Rhea, Nikki Glasser, Kevin Nealon, Damon Wayons and  many more. We will not only reveal the rivalries, rituals, camaraderie,  competition, and attention seeking antics that go on behind the curtain.
Rick's never-ending search to discover and groom the next comedic star, his continual efforts to expand his network of clubs, along with his colourful antics with his wife Tammy (who books the club talent), his son Noah (who he is grooming to take over the business), and all the eccentric characters who walk through his clubs' doors, will undoubtedly provide many compelling and humorous moments.  The club owner's on-going battle with Crohn's disease and long term memory loss will also provide a unique mix of poignancy and levity.
The completed 22 minute pilot exemplifies our ability to successfully produce an unfiltered glimpse into the subculture of the comedy club and the idiosyncratic comics that comprise this captivating fraternity.  The spotlight on the comedians’ and club owner’s off-stage antics and backstories will enable us to explore a wealth of intriguing storylines, balancing humor and poignancy.  
Each episode will be complemented by a live comedy show companion piece.  Audiences will be able to see the comedians, they have come to know more intimately through the behind-the-scenes show, perform their full sets live at the club. 
We are confident that this pairing of a behind-the-curtain docu-series along with a fully-produced live show will be a winning combination with universal appeal.
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