The Comic Strip Pilot was filmed over the course of 4 days in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (the on-going series will also follow the club owner juggling his time with his other clubs in Phoenix, Minnesota, and New Jersey).  The pilot episode features veteran headliner Angelo Tsarouchas, his opening act Noel Elgrably, and ‘funniest person with a day-job contest winner, Brett Forte.   It also features the charismatic club owner and former comic Rick Bronson and his wife Tammy who books the club talent.
This premiere episode takes us behind the curtain as we see the performers promoting their upcoming shows at a radio spot and on Facebook.   We also get a glimpse of what life is like on the road for the travelling comedian as we join then in their travels and in their downtime at their condo.   The comics delve into their motivation and goals in comedy and we get a chance to view the balance between camaraderie and ambition all while the comics share post show drinks, sell merchandise, watch each other perform, and hang out between sets. 
The pilot illustrates that The Comic Strip is indeed a setting filled with colourful characters, compelling story-lines and humorous scenarios.  In addition to putting a spotlight on the behind-the-scenes antics of the open mic'ers and headliners that pass through the club, the series will also showcase Bronson's unrelenting quest to rise to the pinnacle of the comedy world.  
Future episodes will highlight his persistent attempts to discover and groom the next comedic star and continually draw the hottest talent to grow his network of clubs throughout North America.  In addition to showcasing clubs in  Phoenix and Minnesota, we will see the Bronson's efforts to plant their comic flag across the United States beginning with the landmark opening in "the world's biggest mall" in New Jersey. Ricks colorful antics with his wife Tammy (who books all the club's talent) and his son Noah (who he is grooming to take over the empire) will also provide many compelling and humorous moments.

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