K.J. has been working in front of and behind the camera for much of his life.  At a young age, he was cast in national commercials.  After attending the University of Calgary, he attended film school at LACC in Los Angeles where he held Dean’s List status.  He directed and produced the award-winning short films ‘Welcome to Hollywood,’ ‘Money God’ and ‘Bodies in Motion’.  Later, he attended the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he was cast in lead roles in ‘Macbeth’ and as Henry II in ‘The Lion Winter’.
Kyle is fantastic at working with talent, having studied with famed acting coach Vincent Chance and overseeing the ‘Camera Technique’ class at Vince’s acting workshop for over a decade. Kleefeld put this experience to good use as he wrote, directed, produced and edited his first feature, The Dead Mile in 2011.The horror-comedy zombie film required the co-ordination of hundreds of extras and played at numerous festivals around the globe.Since 2012, Kyle has been collaborating with fellow local Calgary filmmaker Jeremy Podlog, producing numerous short documentaries on a wide variety of subject matter, sharpening his skills as a cinematographer, editor and story-teller.
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